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Delygate provides comprehensive Leadership and Self-Development Trainings that will help build the foundation for your professional success. Our programs are designed to help individuals and corporates alike to develop leadership skills and maximize their potential. Every program comes with various tools including group coaching and ask-the-coach opportunities and can be complemented with individual coaching sessions. 

Unlock your potential and reach your professional goals with Delygate's professional training program

Start your journey of self-discovery and self-improvement with the Reaching your Goals: Set the Foundation Program

Reaching your Goals: Set the Foundation Program

  • Objective: Find out who you truly are and set the foundation for future success. You will understand your core values and your professional purpose

  • Target audience: This program is for (young) professionals with up to 15 years of professional experience striving for meaning in their professional life! You are curious to better understand what drives you and what makes you you.

  • Description: This self & group coaching program allows you to get insights on your core values and professional purpose. You might not yet be ready to engage in 1:1 coaching but still you want benefit from the coaching expertise and tools to find your purpose (aka your why) and know who you are. The course is highly flexible and allows you to work on yourself when it fits your busy schedule. You may watch the different training sessions as often as you like to maximize your return. This will then allow you to have impact and make a difference!

  • Key Takeaways:

    • Insights on your core values

    • Draft purpose statement that resonates with you

    • Know the impact you want to make

  • Included

    • Expert Training Course: You can access our expert training course whenever it suits you and rewatch it as often as you'd like. The course includes various exercises that allows you to go deep to set the foundation for your future growth

    • Live Coaching Calls: You can participate (and get coached!) in live bi-weekly coaching calls with Johanna

    • Expert Guidance: Get coaching support when you need it! Post your question in our ask-the-coach section and get a speedy response from our coaches. You can also check out previous FAQs from other participants! ​

  • Unlimited access: 6 weeks

  • Financial Investment: CHF 299 | EUR 310 | USD 329

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