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Hanna with Gary van Warmerdam on changing thoughts, beliefs, and emotions

Reaching your Goals​
Career podcast


Feb 28, 2023 - Johanna "Hanna" Herbst


About the Episode

I am very excited about my guest today. It is Gary van Warmerdarm. Gary is the author of MindWorks: A practical guide for changing thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
I read his book when I first started coaching and it’s one of my favorites in this area of changing thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It’s very insightful, practical, and deep. So I reached out to Gary and he agreed to join me on the show and share his wisdom with us.
Before we jump in, let me also share a few more words about Gary.
Back in 1994, Gary began an extensive apprenticeship with Dr. Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements (and other best-selling books). His training brought him through transformation of fears, false beliefs and consciousness.
Gary has spent the last 20 years teaching others how to transform their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that create suffering into a mind that creates happiness. He’s educated and experienced as an engineer and brings a common-sense approach to his coaching. And of course, he’s also the host of the The Awareness and Consciousness Podcast.

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