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Hanna with Heike Bruch on work transformation and organizational energy

Reaching your Goals

Career-focused podcast


Feb 07, 2023 - Hanna Herbst


About the Episode

I am here today with Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch. Heike is a Professor of Leadership at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland where she is also the Director of the Institute for Leadership and Human Resources Management. Her research interests include energy and speed in organizations, inspiring leadership, new work transformation and leaders‘ self leadership. 

Heike has received numerous academic awards, has written six books, edited another six, and has written more than 110 articles and book chapters. She is also a passionate speaker and advises top managers of international organizations on leadership and culture transformation.

Heike and I met years ago at a business conference in Madrid in Spain where Heike was one of the keynote speakers. She left such an energetic and powerful impression that I just had to ask her to join me on the show. 

In this episode, we will talk about the latest leadership trends, new work transformation, and how to manage energy in a work context.

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