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Hanna with Nate Pettit on the leadership push and pull principle

Reaching your Goals​
Career podcast


Jan 24, 2023 - Johanna "Hanna" Herbst


About the Episode

My guest today is Nate Pettit. Nate is an Associate Professor of Management and Organizations and the Founding Director of the Leadership Accelerator at NYU Stern School of Business. 

Nate teaches leadership courses both in the MBA and the executive education programs. He has won numerous awards for his research and teaching, including being named to Poets and Quants “40 most outstanding MBA professors under 40,”  being awarded the Stern Distinguished Teaching Award, or being voted the “MBA Professor of the Year” at Stern in 2019.

Today, we will learn from Nate’s leadership wisdom and will focus on topics such as the push-and-pull principle. I am looking forward to this conversation. 

Learn more about Nate and follow the NYU Stern Leadership Accelerator on LinkedIn!

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