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Hanna with Sean Litvak on giving and receiving feedback

Reaching your Goals​
Career podcast


Mar 21, 2023 - Hanna Herbst


About the Episode

My guest today is Sean Litvak. Sean is an author, coach, and senior director of business development within facilities management. He is a native of the Chicagoland area, a graduate of the University of Illinois and lives now in southern Indiana outside Louisville, KY, with his wife. 

Sean's book “Proverbs For Leadership: You Must Understand Yourself & Improve, If You Desire Leadership that Will Produce Success In Others” got published this February and he is covering topics such as self-talk, self-sabotage, expectations, listening or feedback in it. 

We will focus on giving and receiving feedback today. Such an important conversation!!

Find out more about Sean's book here!

Stay in touch with Sean: 


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