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Hanna with Wayne Brown on transitioning into 21st-century leaders

Reaching your Goals​
Career podcast


Mar 7, 2023 - Hanna Herbst


About the Episode

My guest today is Wayne Brown. Wayne has worked for multi-national corporations for more than 45 years in varying roles from engineering to leadership and is also a serial entrepreneur.

He is now leveraging his experience to support leaders as they develop, grow and learn to transition into 21st-century leaders. In November 2022, he was recognized as “Executive Coach of The Year” by CEO Today magazine.

Wayne is originally from Australia, has worked on four continents and in nearly 90 cities, and is now based in Shanghai in China where he lives with his wife and daughter.

We will talk about senior leaders that struggle and find themselves stuck in the 20th century. What does it actually take to transition into 21st century leaders and why is that the way to go? This conversation is relevant for both, senior leaders in that position and those working with them.

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