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With Delygate, your Potential knows no Limits.

We are committed to support female managers and leaders accelerate professionally.

What is one thing truly successful people have in common? They have a strong network of peers that allows them to bounce off ideas, support each other, build strong connections, and open doors along the way. 


At Delygate, we agree. Don't do it alone.


We'll take the burden out of networking and match you with female leaders and managers on your level in your Delygate BrainTrust group.

You want:

  • A strong network with like-minded professionals

  • A group that wants you to succeed and helps you reach your goals

  • Efficient and structured group sessions (all virtual!)

  • Access to a network with even more peers

  • Access to virtual trainings and fireside chats

With Delygate, you will never walk alone. 

We support you tap into your full potential and reach your professional goals. 

We offer executive and career coaching to navigate your career successfully.  We help top management and senior leaders reach their professional goals.

At Delygate, we believe that your WHY is the secret to your success.

Do you want to

  • Drive actionable results?

  • Increase your motivation?

  • Do meaningful work?

  • Truly engage your team?

  • Find the right balance?

  • Be happy?

We are your Partner in Professional Growth and Success.

We are for the professionals striving for meaning and having positive impact.​

Get your weekly dose of inspiration with Reaching your Goals: your favorite career podcast

What goal do you want to reach?

  • Be happy in your current job?

  • Find the right balance?

  • Perform better and succeed?

  • Find a career that feels meaningful?

If you say yes to any of those, then Reaching your Goals with Johanna Herbst is for you. Find out what it takes to reach your goals! 

Every week, Johanna sits down with inspiring individuals to discuss all kinds of career and business related topics to bring you the insights you need to get one step closer to living a fulfilled professional life. Topics include everything from listening as a super power, leadership trends, getting promoted to preempting burnout. 

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Reaching your Goals, your favorite Career Podcast with your host Johanna Herbst
Listen to Reaching your Goals your favorite career podcast with Johanna Herbst on Spotify

"You need to know your destination (aka your why or purpose) to walk in the right direction. If you run without any directions, you might get lucky or, more likely, end up with regrets about all the efforts you put into something that doesn't mean anything to you."

- Johanna Herbst

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