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Johanna "Hanna" Herbst as a Motivational Speaker

Supporting your success.
Leadership - Empowerment - Diversity

Snapshot of previous speaking engagements with Johanna Herbst

Hanna is the founder of Delygate as well as a keynote speaker at company events and international conferences with topics ranging from leadership, empowerment to diversity.
She is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and offers her talks in English and German.


A vision of diversity and inclusion

Procter & Gamble Alumni Conference, Madrid, 2019


A vision of diversity

Sealed Air 2020 Summit, Barcelona, 2020

Secret to More Confidence_Screenshot.png

The secret to more confidence

Women Tech Global Conference 2021
Virtual conference, 2021


Creating your growth mindset

European Women in Tech, Amsterdam, 2019


Delegation - the secret sauce for success

Creative Women Conference
Cyprus, 2019


Tackling imposter syndrome

Women of Silicon Roundabout, London, 2019


Facts about Women in Entrepreneurship

Women Techmasters
Zurich, 2018

Previous webinars with Johanna Herbst

The secret to more confidence

Ascend Global Community
NYU Global Alumni Association
Webinars 2021

Learn how to quiet the nagging voices in your head and increase your confidence by honoring your values.

Secret to More Confidence_Screenshot.png

If you are looking for a motivational and inspiring speaker, then please feel free to reach out to Hanna.

“In such a brief period of half an hour, Hanna was able to present the subject matter clearly and succinctly with the right amount of presentation slide.
She integrated the subject matter with her personal experience.”

Priscilla S., Webinar to Global NYU Alumni Community, 2021

"Thank you so much, Hanna! BEAUTIFUL presentation! You are absolutely AMAZING!! ❤️"

Heather H., Women Tech Global Conference 2021

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