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Johanna "Hanna" Herbst leading executive coach podcaster consultant


Executive and Career Coaching &
Management Consulting


Our vision

Leaders and organizations reaching their goals to create positive impact in the world.

Our mission

To move organizations and individuals forward by creating the conditions for reaching their goals. 

Johanna "Hanna" Herbst, NYU Stern MBA, Certified Coach (CPCC) 

Delygate Founder

Leadership and Career Coach | Management Consultant | Podcast Host

Delygate's Offerings

Leadership & Executive Coaching and Management Consulting

Executive Coaching

Do you want to work on your individual goals, strengths, and interferences?

Typical outcomes of executive coaching are:

  • better decision-making and strategic planning ability

  • leading change confidently

  • ability to fully motivate teams and inspire

  • managing stress and conflict

  • improved work/life balance

  • increased confidence, self-belief and enjoyment

Career Coaching

OWN YOUR CAREER. We spend most of our awake time working, so why not make the best of it?

Typical topics for career coaching: 

  • Change careers

  • Discover your purpose and values

  • Be promoted

  • Find a new job

  • Succeed in interviews

  • (Re-)gain a healthy work-life balance

Corporate Trainings

Do you want to develop your people to become better leaders?

We offer corporate trainings to support your employees develop the required skills to succeed. ​

Previous training topics include trusting teams, empowering teams, or self-confidence.

Develop your team. Win as a team.

Management Consulting

Are you loooking for an experienced project manager or need an agile coach or strong moderator to run efficient meetings and workshops? 


Projects and meetings should deliver the expected outcome to drive your business. It's easier said than done though. 

Focus on the content, we bring the structure.

"Hanna is extremely empathetic and sensitive and radiates calm and professionalism. You immediately feel comfortable and safe with her.

I came to the coaching with Hanna more or less 'by chance' (if you believe in coincidences) and was initially primarily curious about the process, because it was my first coaching experience.

I was not able to name a clear coaching goal at the beginning, but Hanna asked the right questions and always steered the conversation safely and effortlessly in the right directions. She gave me interesting inputs and strategies that helped me identify and embrace my 'life purpose' for myself.

After 8 sessions with Hanna I feel much more satisfied and also more self-confident, because I now know again what is important for me, what is good for me and what I can do so that I don't distance myself from myself through the pitfalls and duties of everyday life."

Angelina D.

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