Life Coaching & Management Consulting

I help you tap into your full potential when faced with tough challenges and align your activities with your values and purpose to reach your goals.

(Jo)Hanna Herbst, Delygate Founder, Life Coach & Management Consultant


It's all about my clients.

My clients have amazing potential and I believe that they are resourceful, creative and whole just the way they are.

At times, they struggle to unlock their potential and find themselves dissatisfied, unfocused, and anxious. I help them transform towards confidence, focus, and fulfillment which allows them to become the best version of themselves. 

I work with individuals and organizations and in both cases, it's all about the people. The tools I use might be different but the objectives remain the same:

  • realizing potential 

  • reaching fulfillment​

If this sounds interesting to you, please schedule a first session. If it's for coaching, we will have a sample coaching session. If it's for consulting, I will ask you a number of questions to understand exactly how I can help you to then prepare a customized proposal.

Also, please feel free to reach out for speaking opportunities. 


My Offering

Life Coaching & Management Consulting

Life Coaching

Do you want to overcome your challenges, reach your goals and live a fulfilled life?

If you are tired of not moving forward and are ready to unlock your potential, then partnering up with a life coach is for you.

Partnering with me will help you to go from anxious to confident, from unbalanced to balanced and from frustrated to fulfilled. 


Management Consulting

Do you want to win in the market, become more productive and work with a highly motivated team?


If you want to work better as a team and translate your employees' expertise into tangible advantages, then we should talk.

Delygate follows a holistic approach focusing on the whole organization helping you to become a purpose inspired company with motivated employees and structures to drive productivity.​

"Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals."


My coaching session with Hanna was great! It was dedicated time to focus on me, which I do not do often. She provided insightful observations and applications to my daily life.

Kelly B.