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Are you ready to reach your professional goals?

Join our private network and be part of your virtual BrainTrust Group. Strengthen your leadership skills, grow your influence, and make things happen for yourself and others. 

What sets the Delygate BrainTrust network apart?

  • Delygate BrainTrust Groups are designed for professional women in middle management, as well as for senior leaders. We will match you with a diverse group of peers at your seniority level.

  • Harness the collective strength of your BrainTrust, drawing upon shared insights and past experiences. Collaborate in an environment marked by trust, vulnerability, and commitment.

  • Each group is led by a certified coach, dedicated to fostering profound conversations and guiding valuable peer coaching sessions.

  • Connect with members from other Mastermind Groups and build your professional network.

What happens when you are part of the Delygate BrainTrust network?

You have a circle of like-minded women who want you to succeed.

You bounce off your ideas and gain clarity on your next steps.

You invest in yourself, and give your dreams a chance.

Learn more about your Delygate BrainTrust Group

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You're Not Alone in Your Journey.

Introducing the Delygate BrainTrust: Your exclusive space to connect with a diverse group of professionals at your seniority level.

Consider your Delygate BrainTrust as your personal Board of Advisors. Together, you'll tackle challenges, build self-awareness, and sharpen your leadership skills. You will also gain clarity in your professional aspirations and have your group hold you accountable. Their support surpasses that of coworkers and offers objectivity beyond family and friends. Collaboratively, you will drive results.

Membership Advantages

As a member, you will be invited to expand your network amongst professional women further.

Meetings are held virtually, recognizing the demanding schedules you manage.


Choose between English or German for your Delygate Mastermind Group.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

"I recognize that I cannot do it alone. I need people I trust to bounce off ideas and find the best solutions."

"Networking events are fun. I have to admit though that I tend to hang out with the people I already know and don't grow my network."

"I am juggling so much from leading a re-organisation at work to being a single mom. I am tired of feeling alone in this journey."

"I barely ever pause and take a moment to reflect. I just go-go-go. I want to learn more about myself and become a better leader.

"I am blessed with a wonderful family and friends. We talk about everything except work."

"I am an entrepreneur and faced with all the typical challenges from managing growth and organizing the next VC round. I need clarity on what's truly important! "

The Delygate BrainTrust is for you

All the benefits you get with your membership


We'll take the burden out of networking and match you with up to 7 like-minded professionals in your Delygate BrainTrust group.


Each group is led by a certified coach, dedicated to fostering profound conversations and guiding valuable peer coaching sessions.


Monthly group meetings take place virtually. The initial session lasts 2.5 hours, with subsequent meetings at 2 hours.

Your Investment


By joining the Delygate BrainTrust, you're committing to

  • Attend the monthly group meetings for a full year, and

  • Embrace our core values of trust, vulnerability, and diversity


Your financial investment is: 

  • Per Year: TBA

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