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Find answers to common questions.

General Questions

What are the benefits of joining Delygate?

When you join Delygate, you dedicate time to work on your big goals, may that be driving your business, progressing within your organization, or finding a new challenge. The best part? You will not have to do it alone! Your peers will support you. This might sound familiar. The more successful you become, the fewer people you have to confide in, lean on, or ask for advice. We are expected to have the answers for others. With your BrainTrust Group you find people who have your back. You can share openly with your BrainTrust Group. When you bring a challenge to your BrainTrust peers, you can expect to be asked powerful questions and find your solutions. You will also learn from their experiences and perspectives. That's the beauty of having peers from different industries and functions. They look at your questions differently and offer different perspectives. The more you give to your BrainTrust Group, the more you will receive. Why? If everyone has this attitude, you have a circle of like-minded people who are fully committed to your success! To make things happen, you need to have clear goals and work on them! As part of your BrainTrust journey, you will manifest your top goals and be held accountable by your peers.

Who will be in my BrainTrust Group?

We will match you with up to 7 women at your seniority level. Your peers work in various roles, functions, and industries. They do not work in your company.

What are the core values?

At Delygate, we champion trust, vulnerability, and equality. In our BrainTrust meetings, we openly share our goals while upholding strict confidentiality and a judgment-free space. Our community is committed to promoting gender equality and fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

Application Process

What are the membership requirements?

Our BrainTrust Group members have established careers and worked for 5+ years in a managerial role. We welcome entrepreneurs and corporates alike. Our members embrace our core values of trust, vulnerability, and equality.

What can I expect from the application process?

The first step is to submit an application. If you meet our membership criteria, we will reach out to you within a week and invite you to an interview. We approve applications and warmly welcome our new members to Delygate. We will then share more details on the next available dates to join your virtual BrainTrust Group.

Is there a restriction on the countries I can apply from?

That's the beauty of a virtual program: we don't restrict access to certain locations. We offer BrainTrust Groups either in English or in German. All BrainTrust Group meetings will take place between 9:00am and 6:00pm CET, Central European Time.

Other Questions

What is Delygate's non-solicitation policy?

We understand the power of a strong network naturally leads members to doing business with each other, and we encourage this connection across our community. It is, however, critical that Delygate is a trusted community for our members. We have a strict non-solicitation policy and do not allow proactive sales or marketing efforts within the Delygate community for the sole purpose of driving future business.

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