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Jason Putnam on the future of hiring (aka HR Tech)

Reaching your Goals​

Karriere Podcast


Aug 22, 2023 - Johanna Herbst


Über die Episode

What comes to mind when you think about finding your next job? Writing a cover letter and submitting it along with your resume? Well, not so fast! We will discover this week that the hiring process might change upside down. You might be matched with your ideal job based on your skills and preferences. Sounds too good to be true? Please meet my guest, Jason Putnam.

Jason is an award-winning Chief Revenue Officer at Plum where they leverage the power of psychometric data to revolutionize how talent decisions are made.

Before joining Plum in December 2021, Jason served as Senior Vice President and General

Manager for the Enterprise Business Unit of PandoLogic and as Chief Revenue Officer at BountyJobs to name just a few of his previous roles.

Jason is passionate about delivering value to customers, partners, and stakeholders, and creating positive impact through innovation and collaboration.

Jason is based in Austin, Texas, in the US.

Stay in touch with Jason:

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