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Judy Piatkus on being ahead of her time

Reaching your Goals​

Karriere Podcast


May 9, 2023 - Johanna Herbst


Über die Episode

Are you curious about how a one-woman startup became a global publishing brand? Then this episode is for you! 

My guest this week is no other than the wonderful Judy Piatkus. My UK friends might recognize her name from the Piatkus Books publishing house. And yes, Judy was the founder and CEO of the global publishing company Piatkus Books until she successfully sold the company in 2007. She now summarized her memoir in the award-winning book “Ahead of her time: how a one-woman startup became a global publishing brand”.

As we will find out, the title of her book “ahead of her time” is quite fitting since Judy has been ahead of her time again and again.  She is now an independent consultant, mentor, as well as the Founder of Conscious Café. Judy is based in London in the UK.

Stay in touch with Judy: 

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