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Abigail Barnes on time management (aka the 888 formula)

Reaching your Goals​

Career Podcast


Apr 25, 2023 - Johanna herbst


About the Episode

My guest this week is Abigail Barnes. We will talk about time management and learn about her renowned 888 formula. And of course, we will also find out about Abigail's journey that led her from a corporate career to becoming a business owner.

Abigail is now on a mission to teach 1 million entrepreneurs & professionals how to reclaim an hour a day by 2025 using The 888 Formula. 

Abigail is a qualified coach as well as an expert on time management and productive wellbeing. With her company Success by Design Training, she supports individuals and companies in their quest for better time management and productive wellbeing. 

Abigail is based in London in the UK. 

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