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Richard Hoare on negotiating better and finding hidden value

Reaching your Goals​

Career Podcast


Jul 25, 2023 - Johanna Herbst


About the Episode

When did you negotiate for yourself last time? I bet it was quite recently! That's why it's time to sharpen your negotiation skills and find the hidden value in your next negotiation, may it be for a job interview or a client meeting.

Please meet my guest, Richard Hoare, of this week's Reaching your Goals episode.

Richard just won the UK business book award for the book "Do Deal: Negotiate better. Tap hidden value. Enrich relationships."

Richard has worked as a lawyer in the music industry for the past 20 years. His firm Hoare Associates represents a dazzling array of talent, and some of the most innovative and exciting businesses working in music today. When he is not negotiating deals for these clients, Richard enjoys spending time in his shed with his synthesisers, or out in the wilds, walking or climbing. Richard lives in Somerset in the UK , with his wife Rowena, 2 young boys and infuriating beagle called Mara.

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